Most classes are open to complete beginners and experienced people except MMA team sparring class which is for competitors or invite only.



Members pay season fee (June-june) Adults 20 euro and Jrs 10 euro

Non members have a pay as you go option only


Adults are 10 euro a day or 70 euro per month for members

Ladies only Boxing Fee's 10 euro a class or 60 for members

Junior Fee's are 50 if members and allows entry to all junior classes


Open Class is open to all who want to do Boxing or Martial arts and is part of all the Monthly membership packages  


Jr Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is for 6-12 years

Sr BJJ 13+ and for all levels


Junior Boxing classes are for 6-12 yr olds

Senior Boxing is for 13 years up


Ladies classes are for 13 years+ Boxing with Toning exercises


We have a small gym which is available to use at any time when gym is open, ideal for members who can't take part in the class due to injurys etc


for additional information mail



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Rush Martial Arts Timetable


Jr Boxing  6-12yrs 5.30pm

Sr Boxing 13+ 6.30pm

 MMA 13 yrs+ 7.30-9pm



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids 6-12 yrs 5.30pm

Ladies Fitness Boxing  6.30pm

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 13+ 7.30-9pm



Jr Boxing  6-12yrs 5.30pm

Sr Boxing 13+ 6.30pm

 Sub Wrestling 13+ 7.30-9pm



Ladies Fitness Boxing  6.30pm

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu13+  7.30-9pm



Jr Boxing 6-12 yrs 5.30pm

Sr Boxing 13+ 6.30-7.30pm



Open class 6 yrs + 10-11am

Get Rush fit 11-11.45am



Open class 6 yrs + 10-11am