RFA News




We have a deal running that anyone who signs up for BJJ can get a suit and 2 months membership for 150 for adults and 120 for juniors between now and new years eve and get a BJJ gi (suit) as part of the deal and the same deal we have extended to those who are more interested in MMA or Boxing, they can choose MMA Gloves or Boxing gloves instead


We have made a new rule that no single use plastics will be used in RFA, so could people bring reusable bottles to help the enviroment


We have made a few adjustments to the timetable and to the ages of classes, our jr classes now are 6-12 years and 13+ in the sr class


Seasonal Member fees were due for all members from June 1st

10 euro for jrs

20 euro for Adults

Monthly rates available to members only

Members 60 euro

Ladies only Members 50 euro

Jr members 40 euro



All Junior Fees are monthly, or you can pay per class but it's wiser to go monthly, If interested in joining your children please call ahead as numbers are close to maxed out


Classes in the club are available for categorys


Jr Boxing age 6-12 yrs


Sr's ages 13 yrs +


Ladies Boxing and Toning from 13 yrs +


Mixed Martial Arts 13 yrs + all levels


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 13 yrs +


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