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Yana Gintovt





1. Why did you try the ladies only boxing class?


I heard 1001 exuses from people not to do exercise so I decided less people more space.


2. How has training in the Ladies boxing class helped you?


I was struggling with my left shoulder. I wasn't able to lift up the kettle for example. In a few weeks training I got my first positive result in being able to lift up a kettle and since then it's just improved constantly.


3. What advice would you say to any girls worried about doing Boxing training?


It's not as hard as it looks like. If you want fast results my advice would be to make a meal plan and stick to it and to do boxing with a qualified Boxing coach at least twice a week.


4. What's your favourite part of the ladies class?


The variety in exercises, as I can discover new muscles moving in my body.


5. Any comments to add?


To succeed and have a less pain next day, make sure

A) Get enough sleep

B) Plan how many times in a day you eat and what you eat?

C) drink water recommended to your weight.

D) Enjoy you workouts and don't wait for fast results.

E) Don't wait forthe  right time, it's always today and right now.

ASK Paul for more information

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