Rush Fight Academyunit which caters for several martial arts disciplines,we are a community sports club and 1 of Ireland's top Martial Arts Club's specialising in (MMA-Mixed Martial Arts) (Boxing) (BJJ-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and (Wrestling) We incorporate Grappling and Striking techniques into our MMA Classes, The club is ran by experienced competitors in Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, K1 and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is open to the whole community and wider areas.


The club was established in 2007 and is also home of Rush Boxing Club which started in 2010 and takes kids from 8 years up.


The club is on the Whitestown road in Rush next door to the Texaco garage and there is a bus stop outside on both sides of the road.  


We have trainee's and fighters at all levels from Amateur rules through to Pro rules and are open to people who just want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA or Boxing or just get fit while learning martial arts


Paul Cowzer is the head coach and had a successful amateur Boxing background winning multiple Boxing titles at all levels from boy up to seniors and represented Ireland on a number of occasions, he is also qualified Wrestling coach and a BJJ Purple belt which he got  through BJJ Revolution in 2010, Paul coaches the MMA, BJJ and Boxing classes and is the former Pro featherweight Battlezone Champion.


Adam Caffrey is a qualified Wrestling coach and Blue belt in BJJ, Adam is Paul's right hand man in RFA.  


Glenn Bailey is a BJJ Blue belt and is a top striking coach with Muay thai and Boxing been his specialities, Glenn loves nothing more than working the pads hard and getting fighters ready for all the stand up aspects of MMA.


Training timetable is here